Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cobbler, round two.

There was more baking to be had after the cookies. This meant a surplus of baked goods and only me to eat them.
I love a good cookie every now and then, but I feel eating is best done in groups (see Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), so I invited a bunch of people over for cobbler night.
Alex and I went peach picking again. She wanted to make peach leather (like a fruit roll-up, but better?) and I was interested in another cobbler, naturally. I thought about a gallete, but rolling out pie dough seemed too cumbersome, too much effort for dessert that really just relied on the fruit. Sometimes desserts need an extra push--an odd flavored frosting, a chocolate drizzle, sanding sugar...but peach cobbler is simple and delicious and would be ruined by anything extra I might want to throw in. Raspberries, true, would be welcome. I added some honey to the biscuit dough and drizzled some on top but it wasn't noticeable. The peaches took center stage, as it should be.
I am fortunate enough to have friends who (a) like to eat and (b) are entertaining company. The combination of a and b has been the catalyst for a total of three dessert focused get togethers in the little time I've been home.

This was also the most productive thing I did all day--making cobbler. I ordered yarn online, read Martha Stewart's blog, and I believe that was pretty much it.

Between those activities, however, I tried on a pair of white Chuck Taylors, which I bought the same night I made cookies, about a dozen times. I don't think they fit. I don't know what made me think they fit in the first place. They even look too big.

Perhaps this is a lesson to all of us--do not shoe shop when you are upset.

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Anonymous said...

this makes me ready to get back to Temple for our food focused get togethers.

finally, sherri has a blog!