Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Yarn.

So I went to Philadelphia to visit Courtney Brown and I bought more yarn. I haven't photographed it yet (for all you non-knitters [fools!]--this is called "yarn p0rn), but it is pretty. More Malabrigo for the hat (that I finished at uh, three in the morning) and some Rowan tweed. Since I finished the hat, I've been spending most of my knitting time trying to figure out the above pattern without any clues but that picture. It isn't going well.

While I was sitting around (watching The Golden Girls), trying to figure out whether this was a cable or a knit-and-purl manipulation, I realized that my brain just isn't that sharp anymore. It's rotting away. I couldn't focus for the life of me.

Probably because I spend time watching things like this:

Other than the aforementioned, I spent a few days in New York City (Chelsea, actually), visiting my cousin. We ate Thai food and I resisted going to Purl, knowing that I do not need anymore yarn.

Packing has also begun. I am three days away. I couldn't be more excited. Marc posted photos of our shower curtain. Yes, it is a map of the world. Yes, I've always wanted one. Yes, I am really, really excited.

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Alexandra: said...

where do you find beautiful things like this. you make me happy. oh and i bought 3 cones of yarn today for a bath mat.... YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED!!!