Thursday, August 28, 2008

If I wasn't a relgion major

I was asked twice today what I study at school, and as expected, received the same quizzical look from both the oral surgeon and the cashier at the grocery store.

I'm a religion major. I will probably end up at seminary. I will probably work in, around, and for churches for the rest of my life. I will probably not live long enough to retire.

Of course, no one can guess how things will really turn out, but I feel like I've painted the above picture in broad enough strokes. Still, I've known I've wanted this since the tenth grade or so, and sometimes I envy people who aren't as tied down, people who could do just about anything. I've been jaded, I guess you'd say, by church politics and poor theology already, and know that I have to work hard for the next six years preparing myself for an eventual burnout.

But if I wasn't a religion major, I would open a bed and breakfast. The whole house would be filled with little treasures because I, of course, would have fabulous artist friends who would also come visit a few weekends a year. It would have old, dark wooden floors with rag rugs all over. I would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner (that would always be paired with good music and good wine), and an evening snack to go with tea. I would spend the in-between time hanging sheets on the line and folding towels. In the summer, I'd make jam. In the winter, I'd knit blankets and sweaters. There would be a dog and good neighbors. I'd read copious amounts of books and when I went on vacation, it would be always be for the food. I'd correspond with envelopes and stamps and keep an immaculate vegetable garden. On Sunday mornings I wouldn't go to church, just sit and read St. Teresa of Avila, Rumi, Hafiz and Asissi while drinking tea. Every Friday during the summer we'd split open a watermelon and mix mojitos. I'd make a living taking care of people just a bit at a time, knowing what clean sheets, home-cooked meals, and quiet can do for people.

That's what I think you'd call a "pipe dream". There are more--ones about farms and being a postal worker (i.e. having a simpler lifestyle) mostly.

I move in on Saturday. I just have clothes to pack tomorrow, which I think is pretty damn good. The baking has also begun again. Tonight was brownies. Tomorrow holds endless possibilities. Saturday is more than likely these little marvels.


Anonymous said...

keep hold of that dream, cody. I know I'd definitely stay at your B&B.

Alexandra: said...

dude. if you have a bed and breakfast I will open a yarn store a short distance away, with a lemon tree in the backyard.