Friday, January 16, 2009


The title of this blog is "Crashing the Last Supper". Aside from the witty play on religion and food, I also really like bread and wine.

I am the proud owner of a bread machine, but there's something more involved, maybe even sacred about kneading your own dough. This semester, I'm going to try baking bread, partly for the bread, and partly for the spiritual practice. I'll be testing a few different versions in the next few weeks--ones that don't require a machine, either. On the list are matzo, Algerian flat bread, Smitten Kitchen's wheat bread, brioche, and a version from Gourmet I picked up today at Reading Terminal (the Cookbook stall has back issues for 80 cents).

This past week, in terms of cooking, I have been a slacker. I cooked two favorites this week for Nina, Courtney, Gab, and friends--both of which have been posted before--a vegan version of the lentil soup (well, I added Parmesan to mine) and macaroni and cheese (with bacon!). I think its safe to say they were crowd-pleasers.

I'll be back in my kitchen on Sunday, with a new spice rack and a soup recipe, because it is too damn cold in Philadelphia.


Ben Masters said...

I've got bread on the brain, too. The wheat bread recipe sounds like a decent place to start, I suppose. Except that a friend told me that brioche makes amazing french toast, which is a pretty convincing reason to start there. I hope the experience goes well!

KAREN said...

You and Jesus make everything look delicious. Seriously.

Speaking of soup, I'm making matzo ball soup tonight and trying to stay warm in this disgusting weather.

Oh well, at least we'll always have AIDS class.