Sunday, April 12, 2009

On Rachel Maddow:

I have really enjoyed reading about the prophets this semester. I think most people think of prophets like fortune tellers. True, there are some oracles in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, etc. But the prophets are more political and social commentary than fortune telling.

My Old Testament professor likened prophets, like Jeramiah, to modern comedians--speaking Truth in a very particular style that is almost subversive and garners them lots of attention. I think a better metaphor would be "political comedians" like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The prophets of the Bible are absolutely political--and while not that funny--they seem to be inspired by God to fight important issues and spread "truthiness".

I think Rachel Maddow is a modern day prophet (or an angel). Or at least like a prophet.

I saw the "Storm is Coming" commercial sometime last week and panicked a little. These people were convincing, and racially/age diversified, so much so that without sound, you could assume it was pro-gay marriage. Then I stumbled upon these Rachel Maddow clips.

Not only is Rachel Maddow right, but she's funny (and sassy!). She has a similar sense of humor I imagine God has. The kind of sense of humor that asks, "Really. Really?" The kind of sense of humor that sees stupidity, chuckles, and mercifully remembers to love the least (smart) of these.

I also call Rachel Maddow a prophet for reporting on something that just must be divinely inspired. The audition tapes being leaked? A rainbow coalition? 2M4M? I think something bigger than us is trying to say something. Rachel Maddow appears to be listening and spreading a good word. Take a look for yourself:


Luke said...

hahaha! love that rachel! of course the "discussion" about gay rights isn't going the way the opposition wants. like Court said, it's not even funny anymore. just die and let us handle it.

it's good to be on the right side of history.

Sarah Compter said...

Hi Cody! My mom works with your Aunt Vicki at Moravian Academy. I was out to dinner with the whole gang in DC... and she mentioned your blog. I was a religion major at Colgate and I have a cooking blog, as well( I'm looking forward to reading!

Sarah Compter said...

Also... Rachel Maddow is hysterical.