Friday, October 10, 2008

Week in Review

My gaining-a-reputation Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, made especially for my Spanish class. A portion were sent off in the mail--I am anxious to see how they survive.
Mujadra, one of my favorite staple dishes from North Africa. Lentils, rice, and onions--so simple, so incredibly delicious.
What, in the recipe, is called Spicy Orecchiette with Broccoli, became very spicy tennis rackets with broccoli when I made it. Also delicious and worth trying. I substituted cayenne pepper for the red pepper flakes, but there's probably a reason to use red pepper flakes.
Caramelized brussels sprouts with lemon, which I couldn't stop snacking on. I picked up the sprouts from my favorite produce guy, who sells off the back of a truck on 13th and Oxford for $1.50. There should be plenty more brussels sprouts recipes before fall is over.
Chipotle smashed sweet potatoes, which were smokey and sweet and an even more vivid color. That picture, apart from being blurry, also doesn't capture that incredible orange.
I made the smashed sweet potatoes and the brussels sprouts together last night, almost as a Thanksgiving side dish test run. Laying in bed, I thought of pairing them with an open face turkey sandwich, with a thinned-out filling on the bottom and a cranberry relish on top of a whole wheat baguette.

I had to buy packing tape to send those cookies out earlier this week. In an effort to justify spending $4 on packing tape, I'm thinking of starting a cookie-of-the-month club. I love hearing "I miss your baking," but I would prefer to hear, "Those cookies got me through midterm week." I also the idea of combining my two favorite things--getting mail and feeding people. I'll be doing some investigating around the cost of postage this week.

I've never asked people to pay for food though--something feels morally and foundationally wrong about that. Food is so basic and essential, but we have so many feelings and traditions attached to the things we eat. I think food is a currency beyond money--a physical currency that carries emotional and even spiritual weight with it. One day I'll find away to express this more effectively, but for now, know that sometimes a muffin is the best way to say I love you.

"Ask anything,"

My Lord said to me.
And my mind and heart thought deeply
for a second,
then replied with just one word,
God's arms then opened up and I entered Myself.
I entered myself when I entered
And having learned compassion I
allowed my soul
to stay.
St. Thomas Aquinas

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Nina said...

I completely understand what you're saying. and I shall call you today because I have a story.